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Hourly training: $135 for the initial 1.5 hour consultation, working in your home or wherever the problem behavior is occurring, focusing on teaching you to work with your own animal. This format is ideal if you’d like to work on basic obedience or clicker training, such as a cat with a simple litter box issue, a horse who is hard to halter, or have a puppy you’d like to house train. After the initial consultation, future visits are $100 per hour.

Training four-pack: $400 for one 1.5 hour initial consult, followed by three one-hour sessions. If your pet’s problem needs more than one training session, this is our most popular package. Ideal for dogs with reactivity, aggression or impulse control issues, or cats with more serious behavior problems. Sessions might be held in your home or wherever the problem is occurring (car, park, on walks…)  I will teach you to train your own pet.

Day training:  $400 for four one-hour sessions, in your home, at my farm or as field trips. Don’t want to do the training work yourself? I will come to your house or take your dog to where the problem is occurring) and work with them on what they need. You are welcome to watch, or come along for some or all of these, and either way, I will show you what we worked on and show you how to transfer the training to you.

Board and train: $100 per day or $680 per week. Going on vacation? Why not come back to a better-trained dog? Your dog will live in my house with me and my dogs (and cat) and we will focus on the behaviors you’d like them to learn: walking politely on leash, door greetings, basic obedience, house training, etc. Dog receives about one hour of formal training per day, often in the form of a field trip to generalize behaviors to new environments. You will get one hour of in-home training  after the fact for every week your dog is with me, to make sure you know how to reinforce the things your dog has learned. This is ideal for puppies, so valuable socialization and training time won’t be lost in a kennel. This also comes with three months of phone and email follow-up if questions come up after you get home.

Behavior consultation: $250. Need a one-time assessment or consultation that includes a written report for a legal case or in conjunction with work with a veterinary behaviorist? This consultation takes two hours, and will include a written report of my observations as well as a behavior modification plan, if needed.

Shelter behavior consulting: $600 per day, plus expenses, or $85 per hour for phone/skype consults. Want to train staff and volunteers in canine and feline body language, handling, and enrichment? Thinking of starting behavioral modification work or playgroups and want some guidance? Need an expert to look over your behavior assessments or help your shelter set criteria for adoptable animals? I can help. In the meantime, here are some free canine behavior webinars I created for the ASPCA:

Dog introductions

Defensive handling

Prices are for clients within 20 miles of Weaverville, NC.

Don’t live in the Asheville area?

Mileage charge for clients more than 20 miles away: 50 cents per mile for each additional mile.

Skype, FaceTime or phone behavior consultations are also available: $135 for the initial 1.5 hour session, if you take your own notes. If you require a written training plan, initial consults are $200. Follow-up calls are $100 an hour or $375 for a four-pack.