Dog Training Rates and Services


Frustrated by living with an untrained dog or one with behavior problems? We can help your dog become the companion you’ve always wanted. Custom-tailored solutions for each individual dog and family are our specialty. Whether you’re struggling with behavior problems such as aggression or separation anxiety, feeling overwhelmed with a new puppy, or just hoping to improve your dog’s obedience, we can help. In-home sessions are available for clients in the Asheville area, and phone/Skype sessions are also available if you’re not nearby.

We will work only on the issues you need help with – you can still give your dog affection, let her sniff while walking on leash, and snuggle on the sofa together. Dog training doesn’t have to involve shouting commands and marching in military formation – positive reinforcement training creates a dog who wants to work with you, and who enjoys training!

Problems we can help with include:

  • Fearful behavior
  • Housetraining
  • Separation anxiety
  • Reactivity/aggression toward other dogs
  • Aggression toward humans
  • Territorial behavior
  • Guarding toys, food and other possessions
  • Handling problems
Asheville dog training
Great Dane, Cam, learns it’s OK not to bark at other dogs.

Dog training packages:

Single visit: ($135): If you have a simple issue you’d like help with, like jumping up, introducing a new dog or cat, or if you’d just like a couple of pointers on house training a new puppy, this hour and a half in-home session may be the option for you.

Behavior/training four pack ($400): Our most popular option, this includes your 1.5 hour initial consultation, followed by a set of three one-hour lessons, generally one week apart, where we teach you how to train your own dog. This is the preferred format for more complex problems such as leash aggression, territorial barking, or mild separation anxiety, where skills need to be added a few at a time. It’s also a great way to get your dog up to speed on basic obedience. Additional packages of four one-hour sessions are $400.

Behavior/training eight pack ($775): If you would like more polished obedience skills, or if your dog has a more complex behavior problem, such as more serious aggression issues, severe separation anxiety, or extreme fear issues,  this may be the package for you. It includes your 1.5 hour initial consultation, followed by a set of seven one-hour lessons tailored to your dog’s specific issues.

Day training four pack ($400): We will come into your home, or take your dog on a field trip, and train the dog for you (with or without you present). This package consists of three training sessions and one transfer session (where you learn how to reinforce what your dog has learned.) This is a great option for busy families who don’t have time to take the dog to class. It can also be a great option if you’d just like your dog to learn basic obedience or new skills from a professional before taking the reins yourself.

Board and train ($100/day or $680/week, plus $25 a day if not house trained):  We do not have a kennel, so this program is best suited to puppies or friendly adolescent or adult dogs who can interact safely with our pets, and can be left alone in a crate, ex pen or bedroom when we’re seeing other clients.

Your dog  will live in our home and socialize with our dogs and cats, and will spend time on our fully fenced farm to meet the horses and goats, too. This is truly individualized training – we only accept up to two board and train dogs at a time. Your dog will have manners and obedience emphasized throughout the day, but will also get roughly one hour a day of one-on-one obedience training, a socialization field trip or behavior modification work using positive reinforcement (marker training).

This is a great alternative to a boarding kennel if you’re going on vacation, particularly for puppies during that sensitive socialization period – and you’ll come home to a better-behaved dog! You will get one free hour of transfer training after the fact for each full week that the dog stays with us, so you’ll know how and when to use the new behaviors your dog has learned.

Board and train “Training Camp” ($2000 for three weeks). Ideal for young or newly adopted dogs who need to learn all of the basics, and only available to dogs who are safe around our cats and dogs, and who can be crated or otherwise safely confined when we’re not home.

Your dog will live in our home and will have ample socialization opportunities, with dogs, cats, horses and goats. Your dog will learn to sit, stay, lie down, come, and walk on a loose leash, using positive reinforcement methods.  As your dog progresses through the program, we will add in field trips, so that these skills will transfer to higher distraction environments. You will receive three free transfer lessons after your dog comes home, to make sure the training sticks.

Board and train dog, Dude, learns to go to his kennel on cue

Behavior consultation ($250): If you would like a written treatment plan for a dangerous dog hearing, a court case, or for your veterinarian (if your dog may need behavioral medication) this is the option for you. A full behavior consultation takes approximately two hours, and you will get follow-up notes and handouts with a training plan, as well as two months of phone and email support, within reason.

Skype, FaceTime or phone behavior consultations are also available: $135 for the initial 1.5 hour session, if you take your own notes. If you require a written training plan, initial consults are $200. Follow-up calls are $100 an hour or $375 for a four-pack.

“Old dogs can learn new tricks! We have a rescue dachshund (Lulu) who is about 14 years old.  She was from a puppy mill and suffered physical abuse which caused her to be fearful, but in aggressive ways. She would always bark and even charge at my son every time he came to the house. She also didn’t meet other dogs well on our walks.  This went on for four years until Trish came along and gave us some pointers.  

Lulu is very treat oriented and using the clicker and treats she was able to learn to sit, lie down, find it, stay, watch and touch. The most profound change was with my son. We taught her to touch his hand with her nose on cue, and used treats to desensitize her to his movements. She finally has calmed down when he is here. She has also gotten more comfortable when other people come to the house.  We haven’t had much time on the leash training, but with the success with my son I believe that will come also.

Trish is very easy to work with, and her methods and knowledge brought success to our household”

– Susan, Asheville


tanya-honey bw

“The connection Trish has with animals is magic. I tell people all the time that if it weren’t for her help many years ago, Honey wouldn’t be in my life. I cannot stress enough the rewards of hiring an animal behaviorist. It’s not always easy, it does take work, but I’ve now had more than a decade with a well-behaved companion. Trish saved BOTH of us, we’re so lucky!” – Tanya Young Howett