With two decades of involvement in animal sheltering in three countries, including nearly 8 years with the ASPCA, Trish is available to consult on a wide variety of shelter behavior issues.

shelter dog behavior nose

Lecture topics and staff/volunteer training sessions available include:

  • Canine body language
  • Feline body language
  • Dog play
  • Breaking up dog fights
  • Defensive handling
  • Dog handling
  • Dog-dog introductions
  • Cat handling
  • Cat clicker training
  • Horse clicker training
  • Enrichment for shelter dogs
  • Enrichment for shelter cats
  • Litter box problems in shelter cats
  • Behavior modification for shelter dogs
  • Food and resource guarding in shelter dogs
  • Managing overaroused dogs in kennels
  • Behavioral assessments
  • Setting behavioral criteria for adoption
  • Matching adopters to pets – review of adoption policies and procedures

Other topics can be prepared – if your shelter has specific needs, just ask!

Cost: $500 per day, plus expenses

Shelter behavior workshop Gold Coast, Australia

Shelter behavior workshop
Gold Coast, Australia

Litter Box Problems lecture G2Z conference, Australia

Litter Box Problems lecture
G2Z conference, Australia

“I thoroughly recommend the services of Loehr Animal Behavior for both pet owners and for animal welfare and management organisations and departments. Trish’s considerable behavior knowledge and experience extends across many species and applications. In addition, Trish is a very engaging speaker and trainer of people, making them feel comfortable in the learning environment. Trish can assist in reviewing organisation policies, programs and processes right through to working with individual animals on the ground. Trish has significant industry, animal handling and communication skills that are combined with a refreshing empathy and understanding. Staff, management, pet owners (and the pets themselves!) will enjoy Trish’s gentle, honest and down to earth approach.”
~Nell Thompson, G2Z, Victoria, Australia

Consulting in Geelong, Australia: “It’s always a good exercise to look for ways to improve and having Cynthia and Trish visit us is one of the highlights of the year for GAWS.”

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